SPI Assessment

The Single Pitch Instructor Assessment is the second and final step in the AMGA SPI Program.  This two day exam requires candidates to demonstrate technical skills, climbing movement standards, teaching ability and group management skills.  If the candidate passes the exam she/he will be an AMGA certified Single Pitch Instructor.

SPI Assessment

Backing up clients during an SPI Assessment

SPI Assessment Candidate Pre-Requisites

The Single Pitch Instructor Assessment can be taken directly following the SPI Course if the candidate successfully completed the course and meets the Assessment pre-requisites. However, it is highly recommended that the SPI Course graduate take time practicing and consolidating the skills learned on the course before assessment (6-12 months).

A candidate meets the SPI Assessment pre-requisites if:

1. They have successfully completed an AMGA Single Pitch Instructor Course or AMGA Top Rope Site Manager Course.

2. They have traditionally lead climbed a minimum of 40 rock climbing pitches. A large number of these should be at 5.6 grade (or higher) in various locations and on a variety of different rock types.

3. They are capable of comfortably lead climbing (leader placing own protection) on any 5.6 traditional route. The candidate will demonstrate their leading ability on a variety of routes during the assessment.

4. They are capable of comfortably climbing 5.8 while on a top rope.

Single Pitch Instructor Assessment

Candidates taking an SPI Assessment at Seneca Rocks

Gaining SPI Certification

To gain SPI Certification, the candidate must:

  • Successfully pass the SPI Assessment
  • Hold current AMGA Membership at Associate level or higher
  • Hold current First Aid Certification

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