Private Guiding at Red Rocks, NV

Mt. Wilson at the mouth of Oak Creek CanyonSadly, the climbing season at Seneca Rocks does not last year round.  Just when its getting too cold and wet to climb in the Mid-Atlantic the South West is entering its prime climbing season.  There are few climbing areas in the U.S. more iconic than Red Rocks, NV.  Seneca Rocks Climbing School co-owner and head guide Massey Teel spends every November and March offering private guiding services in Red Rocks, NV.  The Aztec sandstone here is beautiful and climber friendly.   The rock generally presents with lots of patina edges and ample cracks for gear placements.  Red Rocks is a true international destination with world class rock climbing in every category.  Bouldering, sport, traditional multi-pitch, big wall aid climbs you can find it all here.  Massey’s favorite climbs at Red Rocks are the long multi-pitch climbs that can be found deep in the canyons.  Here one can enjoy a wilderness climbing experience with few other visitors.  Climbing long moderates that take the team high up on the various mountains that make up the Red Rocks escarpment.

Some of Massey’s favorite climbs at Red Rocks include Cat in the Hat (5.6 III or 5.7 IV), Tunnel Vision (III 5.7), Rainbow Buttress (IV 5.8), Epinephrine (IV 5.9) and Triassic Sands (II 5.10)

Many new visitors to Red Rocks are amazed that they can have these amazing, remote climbing experiences in the canyons and yet enjoy the comforts of world class amenities in nearby Las Vegas in the evenings.  Many climbers stay at various hotels on the western side of the city and enjoy a great restaurants, night life and other amenities while also enjoying the world class climbing just down the road.  These private guiding services are offered through Mountain Skills, one of the longtime established guide services of Red Rocks.  Price varies depending on the length and difficulty of the climb.