Self Rescue Course

going_hand_freeIf you climb long enough, you will eventually be involved in or witness some form of climbing accident or emergency. Are you prepared? This course will cover numerous scenarios where you will need to go to the aid of an injured or incapacitated climber. The skills and systems covered range from super simple solutions to the highly complex. This is one of our most advanced courses and will be paced according to the participant’s readiness to advance to the next topic. Self rescue climbing techniques taught in this course include belay escapes, haul systems, tandem rappels, counterbalance rappels and rope ascension.

Cost$395 for 2 days, $495 for 3 days.
DatesCourses begin every Sat and Tues, April through October. Call for special date requests.
Class SizeRatio is a max of 2 students to 1 instructor.
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Ages17 and Up. Call us for age restrictions.
Times8:30 am on the porch.
PrerequisiteAt least two years of climbing experience as a second to get the most out of this course. You should be comfortable and competent with a figure 8 knot, water knot, and double fisherman’s knot, voice commands and modern belaying and rappelling techniques. You should also have a good understanding of the objective hazards of climbing.

This course is conducted entirely outdoors in a two or three day format. We recommend that you take this course with a climbing partner if possible.

selfrescue1It is worth stating that the amount of information presented in our courses can be a lot to absorb in just two days. While we do offer the Self Rescue Course as a two day course, students usually walk away with a better working knowledge of the techniques when they take the three day version.

You should bring your normal climbing equipment which should include 2 20’-22’ cordelettes, 2 48” slings, 2 prussiks and at least 3 pear shaped (HMS) locking carabiners. If you have a rack, bring it also. We will also have plenty of equipment for you to use and experiment with. All personal equipment is subject to inspection and approval by your guide to determined its’ appropriateness and safe condition.

This course covers in detail:

  • selfrescue6Advanced knots and hitches
  • Belay escapes
  • Rope Ascension (Prussiking) scenarios
  • Learning to retrieve an injured leader or second
  • How to rappel safely as a rescuer with an injured partner
  • How to orchestrate multi-pitch rappels with an injured partner
  • How to raise or lower a partner when appropriate
  • Mechanical advantage haul systems
  • How to pass a knot while rappelling or lowering

Course Itinerary:

selfrescue2During this 2-3 day course we focus on imparting to the students self rescue climbing techniques relevant to their climbing experience and advance on to more complicated techniques as appropriate. We will cover advanced concepts such as belay escapes, rope ascension, knot passing, haul systems, tandem rappelling and counterbalance rappelling as they are appropriate to the individual student. Climbers will be exposed to a variety of self-rescue scenarios. We will also discuss steps one can take to avoid situations where rescue techniques are required. As always, superior and personalized climbing instruction makes for a quality learning experience.

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