Top Rope Climbing


Top Rope Climbing is a form or rock climbing where climbers ascend to the top of a cliff with a rope above them for security, and are then lowered back to the ground after completing the climb.  Top rope climbing can be a great way to become introduced to the sport of rock climbing in a relaxed single day format.  Top Rope Climbing is also a great way to get larger groups out on the rocks together.  Families with younger children often prefer experiencing rock climbing in this manner.

Seneca Rocks Climbing School offers top rope climbing at a number of venues.  Seneca Rocks offers stunning views but requires quite a hike to take it all in.  Nelson Rocks just a few miles down the road from Seneca has great top roping options with a VERY short hike. Because of permit restrictions at Seneca we can host more guests for top rope climbing at Nelson Rocks.

Seneca Rocks Climbing School also offer top rope climbing in George Washington National Forrest in Northern Virginia, just a short drive from Washington DC.

On a typical outing a group will perform several rappels, belay and learn some basic knots in addition to climbing.  While no form of climbing is completely safe, top rope climbing is generally considered to be the most secure form of climbing.

Cost$65 to $195 a person. Depends on how many folks you have.
DatesThese course can be scheduled for any time.
Class SizeRatio is a max of 6 students to 1 instructor. Multiple Instructors can be booked. Ratios are location dependent.
DiscountsCost is based on number of participants. Call for rates
AgesCall us for age restrictions.
TimesDependent on location

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Need Gear?  Check out The Gendarme climbing shop!  We can ship it to you, or you can pick it up when you arrive for your course.