Women’s Climbing Courses

women's climbing courses


If you can’t tell from the picture, girls have fun.  Climbing with the guys is great, but sometimes the support and camaraderie of an all women environment just works better.

That’s why we offer all our courses and private guiding in a women’s specific version.  The material covered is the same and our same unending focus on safety is there, but we can also offer that emotional connection and understanding that women seem to naturally share.  This can be particularly helpful when ladies choose to venture outside their comfort zone.

Women specific courses seem to work well with friends who are looking to try something different together, women who want to learn on their own before joining a male significant other in the sport, and those women who are a bit timid or unsure about their physical ability.  To that last group, our woman instructor’s comment is  ”It’s all about learning to stand on your feet like you do all the time”!

The courses descriptions and rates are the same as for our coed courses and the women specific courses and private guiding are subject to instructor availability.  We are open to customizing women’s courses to meet your desires, so give us a call.



CostCourse dependent.
DatesCourses begin every Sat and Tues, April through October. Call for special date requests.
Class SizeCourse dependent.
DiscountsSee 2013 Rates and Discounts.
AgesCourse dependent.
Times8:30 am on the porch.
PrerequisiteCourse dependent.
RatingIt's up to you!

women's climbing courses

All women’s climbing courses are conducted outside in a two or three day format with the exception of the half day Anchor Seminar.







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