Seneca Rocks Climbing School – History

seneca rocks

ACK and Massey

Seneca Rocks Climbing School has been offering climbing instruction for over 40 years and is the oldest climbing school in the Mid-Atlantic.  In that time we have taught beginning and experienced climbers alike how to conduct themselves in the safest manner possible while enjoying one of life’s most exhilarating activities.

The Gendarme climbing shop and Seneca Rocks Climbing School were founded and run by John Markwell.  Their success and reputation are a testament, not only to John’s vision, but also his hard work and dedication to the local climbing community.  In 2004 John decided that he would like to give retirement a shot and sold the business to Arthur and Diane Kearns of Winchester, VA.  In 2012, long time Seneca Rocks Climbing School guide Massey Teel bought into SRCS, becoming business partners with Arthur and Diane.

John is still a local fixture and happily stops by the porch to drink beer and set folks straight.  In this age of homogeneity, John is a true treasure and a link to your climbing heritage.

The torch has thus been passed to Arthur (‘ACK’), Diane, and Massey.  Arthur and Diane also operate Mountain Trails in Winchester, VA .