The difference is our instructors and guides

We only hire high caliber professionals to work as our instructors and guides.

At Seneca Rocks Climbing School we know that the most important factor to the success of your climbing course or day of private guiding is your instructor.  For that reason we require very high standards of certifications and training from our instructors.

Just another day in the office.


All of our staff members hold a Wilderness First Responder certification, the gold standard in wilderness first aid.  All of our staff have also participated in courses, assessments, or exams with the American Mountain Guide Association (AMGA).  The AMGA is the only organization in the USA that is a member of the International Federation of Mountain Guide Associations (IFMGA), and the only organization that provides internationally recognized certifications.  Our society expects professionals such as doctors and pilots to seek training in order to be trusted with our safety; your climbing guide should be held to the same standard.  Look and compare to other climbing schools in the Washington, DC/Pittsburgh, PA region.

In addition to these courses and certifications, we also require that each guide go through extensive in-house training each season.  These training topics include efficiency, stance management, short roping, rescue skills, and teaching skills.

High Quality Instruction

While the training and certifications are nice, what we really take pride in at Seneca Rocks Climbing School is the high quality of instruction we provide.  Many organizations will guide clients up cliffs, but our instructors put an emphasis on teaching you the skills needed to enjoy this sport safely on your own without constant professional guiding.  To ensure our staff is able to do this we only hire instructors who have a love of teaching as well as a love for climbing.

This combination of instructor attributes provides the student with a customized course environment where safety, learning, and fun are all maximized.