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High quality rock climbing in a spectacular setting has drawn generations of climbers to Seneca Rocks. With documented ascents dating back to the early 1900s, the entire history of climbing as a sport is written here, and Seneca Rocks Climbing School has been here to help shape much of that history, by introducing new climbers to the best and safest practices.

The classic routes here truly are classics: from the exploratory, traversing ascents of early climbers with hemp ropes and hobnail boots to the test pieces that still stand to test the mettle of any modern climber willing to strike boldly up thin and tenuous moves. Seneca Rocks provides an environment where climbers of all abilities and experience levels can find appropriate challenges. There are many historic routes in the easy to moderate range, with plenty of harder routes to keep you coming back. All this just hours from major cities like Pittsburgh and Washington DC

Staring up at the twin summits of Seneca, rising nearly one thousand feet above the valley below, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Is it nervousness, a sense of awe, or is it being amped for an adventure of a lifetime? Your guide will be right there with you, whatever the mood.

Reaching the South Peak of Seneca Rocks is an accomplishment rewarded with a spectacular view, made all the sweeter by the effort and skill required to gain the summit. What better place than this to become a student of the rock, gaining experience, building confidence, and above all, enjoying the first rate adventures intrinsic to rock climbing? Allow Seneca Rocks Climbing School to give you a tour of the crown jewel of West Virginia Rock Climbing, and teach you the skills you need for your own adventures, wherever they may take you.